ey Friends!
                My name is Destiny and I am the Lead Editor of our company. My

                passion is editing.. you know some people do yoga to chill out.

My way to chill is edit! Most days you will find me with Pandora blaring

some type of Rap music and sitting at the computer editing your love

story. (HAHA!) I know those two don’t really got hand and hand but it

works believe it or not.


Just a little back story on my life is as far as I can remember I have always

had a heart to serve people. My dad was a pastor so church that was my life.

I was literally in church almost every night.. if it wasn’t actually services it was

prayer meeting, worship service, those lovely youth car washes you name it I probably

did it. Growing up like that gave me a heart to serve people. It showed me the value of what serving really is. So in our business my number one goal is to serve you throughout the whole entire process. 


Even though I was in church literally every day of my life I would not change it for the world because that is how Jake and I met. I was very different as a kid guys were not my number one priority. So I told my dad I am going to wait to date anyone until I know he is my husband. So I did just that. One Sunday night our churches merged together. That is when I saw Jake sitting behind the sound board. I figured out that his parents were sitting in front of me. So what did I do… I looked at their bibles and wrote their last names on a piece of paper. ( I know creepy right? haha!) Then Jake walked up to pray and found out his name. Then I leaned over to my dad and said, “That is him.. I will marry him one day.” Of course his answer was Shut-

Up no you are not! (haha) Later that night when I got home I rushed to my laptop got on MySpace and creeped on him to see if he had a girlfriend. I won’t go into crazy detail because there is a lot of things that had to happen for us to actually meet. To make a long story short we ended up at the same pool party and the rest was history. We were inseparable from that day on. I was a Junior in high school and he was going off to college so I ended up graduating early and after we got married. We were super young (18 & 19) didn’t know where life was going to take us but knew we wanted to take it on together.  


By time I was 20 we had both of our daughters. They are 10 1/2 months apart, and born within the same year (Irish twins). Our oldest daughter is now 8 years old her name is Saige. Our youngest is now 7 and her name is Sayla. They are super crazy, sassy, and SUPER girly! Their dream is to one day take over our photography business. That is pretty much my life nut shell.

I cannot wait to meet you and learn your story! 


"You have the power
to manifest your dreams!..."






"Whatever you are going to do in life do it to the best of your ability" 


       ake Myer is an Inspired artist                  and has a dynamic eye for catching the right moments. He is not only

The Lead Photographer and second

editor of Admyer Weddings but is a entrepreneur at heart. His goals in life have been to become a loving Husband and Father while maintaining a healthy relationship with God. 


From a young age he has desired to be a man with many hats and finds joy in trying new things and creating fun content. If he doesn’t have a camera in his hands you will find him in the outdoors. He finds Passion in the wild and has time to plan on his future endeavors and reflect on his past experiences. 

He Loves Going on adventures with his wife Destiny and they are hardly ever seen apart. Some have even told them that they must separate every once in awhile just so they can have some space apart, but to them that is the craziest thing they have ever heard. Being together is what they love and true love never separates or takes a break, but is continual and always growing stronger and stronger from time to time ! 



Jake Myer - “ I would be no where close to where I am today without my best friend,  highly supportive and truly amazing wife.

She has made life so much fun and desirable. To say that we are best friends and the closest of lovers is an understatement. I truly wish I could describe our relationship but I can’t find the right words to give it justice.

So in this case I must point to the author of Love and say that I love her like God has asked me to. Love her so much that I would be willing to give up my own life in her place. Put her high above all others and protect her and her heart in any way possible.

She is the reason I want to become a better person and is the driving power that makes my life worth living. I love you Destiny Dawn Myer …”