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Hello! My name is Destiny, and I am a passionate photographer with nine years

of experience. Although I started my career in family and senior photography, I have

been specializing in wedding photography for the last seven years. There is nothing

more gratifying for me than capturing the once-in-a-lifetime moments between

couples on their wedding day.


My approach to photography is unique,and I take pride in it. I don't only focus

on the significant moments of the wedding day; I also capture the small, seemingly

insignificant moments. Every person attending the wedding plays a role in the couple's story, and I make it my mission to document that story in its entirety.


My photography style leans toward documentary, and I endeavor to take candid photos throughout the day as events unfold. However, there are times when we need to pose for formal portraits, such as wedding party portraits and family formals. During the bride and groom photoshoot, we set up scenarios and capture moments of you interacting and having fun together.


My goal is to make the photography experience on your wedding day stress-free. I am frequently praised for my calm demeanor and efficiency. I am relaxed and go with the flow, ensuring that your day is about you and nothing else. I am here to document and capture your memories with care and professionalism.

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