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Allow me to introduce myself as Jake, a dedicated film creator with a passion for storytelling through film. I am constantly exploring new creative avenues to produce unique and intimate films.


With over nine years of experience in the industry, I have developed a keen eye for anticipating shots that capture the emotional essence of each moment, resulting in truly unforgettable films.



As the lead film creator, I enjoy experimenting with different lighting techniques, striving to produce an atmosphere that transcends the typical "wedding film" experience. Many of our clients have remarked that their final films feel like actual movies. 


During the editing process, I not only consider the present but also the future, envisioning the life that lies ahead for our clients. As I imagine their happy, sad, joyous, and challenging times, I am often moved to emotion. My ultimate goal is for each film to serve as a touchstone for simpler times, a reminder of the love that brought our clients together, and a guide for the journey that lies ahead. I hope that during the most difficult moments,our clients can look back and see their young selves in love, never losing sight of the profound love that they share.


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