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Top 5 Reasons to do a First Look

We have shot a lot of weddings and we wanted to share the top 5 reasons that a First look can make your wedding day 💯 times better!!! This is one of the most talked about subjects that will be mentioned while building a timeline for your wedding!!! It can honestly change the entire dynamic of the whole wedding experience. It helps you feel more relaxed and makes the day more memorable. We recommend that all of our couples do a first look and based off our experience it has proven time and time again to be one of the best life hacks for weddings.

No. 1 - Intimacy

Two of the biggest fears running through a beautiful brides mind is that seeing her Groom before the wedding is bad luck, or that he will not be as emotional in the ceremony if he has already seen her. We are here to say that both of these fears are simply just myths. One thing is for sure , we have seen more grooms be emotional and receptive to a first look than compared to when a bride just walks down the aisle. I want you to picture this. You walk straight down the aisle and he follows you with his eyes, then looks at you with a smile. You then turn to the Officiant and the ceremony begins. Very little communication , and tight lips because he might be a little nervous to show you how he really feels in front of all the people watching. Possibly he even sees you start walking down the aisle he starts singing Emimems' hit song in his head " his palms are sweaty, knees weak , arms are heavy, there's vomit on his sweater already, moms spaghetti" 😅I know it is a little funny to say that but this man has been practicing for his " only one shot" to cry and has been pressured by his bride to preform the best emotional acting job of His Life! He has often been told by a Maid of honor that he better cry or she will make him cry ! The pressure is real and I feel for this man!

Now I want you to clear your mind and think of this scenario. You see him standing under the trees in a secluded location, it almost feels like you guys are about to run off and get married like Jim and Pam from the Office!! You walk up to him and he turns around tears fill his eyes and you see his lips quiver. The emotion gets stronger and because there is no limitation on what he can do he falls into you , embraces, and holds you tight. You warn him not to mess up your hair or your makeup but he simply can't resist, he continues to hold you closely while telling you how beautiful you are. He makes you step back to do a couple turns so he can truly admire and take in everything that he is looking at. All of a sudden here he comes back for another hug because the reality of you becoming his wife is starting to set in. The amount of words that he can say or the amount of actions that he can take to show you how beautiful you are is truly limitless.

No. 2- What Stress ??

Now as you can guess wedding days can be a little stressful, but thats only what they want you to think!!! As for My Wife and I Wedding days are emotional, romantic , amazing and filled with a lot of work on our part 😂, but do you know what would change my mind about everything I just said ? I would say weddings would be stressful without her by my side working with me. The same concept goes for our couples! Stress is relieved when you are together and you are ready to face the world . We have seen Brides and Grooms be extremely up tight, nervous, anxious , and all other emotions, but the moment a first look takes place all stress of your day is removed. They begin to laugh and joke around together, asking questions of how the morning went, did you grab the wedding license, or if they are ready to eat that awesome dinner they provided. Finally reunited with your best friend enjoying the day together ,and not being separated hiding away in a back room waiting for hours for your wedding to start lol TBH that would make anybody go a little crazy !

No.3- More Photo Opportunities and Money Well Spent

This Reason is for those of you who are wanting to maximize your more bang for your buck option ! Weddings are expensive, and what people never take into thought is how fast a wedding actually is. We have honestly had couples afterwords thank us for covering their wedding, because it went so fast that they blinked and missed everything. Let's say your wedding is at 6:00pm and it last 30 min, you have 1 hour of photos , party ,and then you exit at 10:30pm. Without doing a first look you will only get to spend only 3 hours while being together with your guest, family, and friends. It ends up being probably the most expensive 3 hour party you will ever throw in your life . If you did a first look you would be able to be together even at that expensive cocktail hour instead of doing pictures after ceremony. Now you have tapped into the hidden hour of moments to be captured that most couples would miss out on. With doing a first look there are a lot of benefits to maximizing your money that you spent by simply getting to be together ! You spent a lot of money on all kinds of things at your wedding and you need to enjoy them together all day long! Not only does it improve your picture opportunities but it also allows us to get most of the work done before your party even begins. Remember as long as you are together there are organic moments that can be created.

No.4- Honor Your Guest

This topic goes along with No.3 above. We have had couples be so excited to go mingle and chill with all of their guest . Picture this , all of our guest traveled some short distances and some may have even flown in just to see you get married. They announce you as husband and wife and you walk down the aisle getting high fives , and fist bumps from your favorite friends and family. Your Guest are so excited to see , talk , congratulate, hug, tell old stories , and the list goes on. Then oh yeah the thought hits you , "I have 1 hour of family, wedding party , and then if we have enough time a couple of husband//wife photos. All of this has to be done while I have 150 - 300 people siting inside waiting to be served. You begin getting pulled by guest, family , wedding coordinators , and our team all in the same hour trying to get everything you need to have the best work possible. Your guest stare at you with the eyes of war ready to storm your caterers and rob them of their food. You begin to get really stressed because you feel obligated to be a good host. "ALL OF THIS CAN BE AVOIDED" You hire us to capture the best work we can possibly create and then now as a whole we are going to try and cram all of the most important aspects of your wedding day into one hour. 20 years from now you are going to want to sit down and watch your love story unfold through film and pictures. At that moment your'e not going to care about how the events unfolded. Your going to want pictures of you hugging your friends, parents, siblings, and most importantly each-other. Video and great photos take time and to make sure we give you everything you want and need a first look can really insure this happens.

No.5- We Have Plenty of Time

A first look makes it possible for you to be together all day if you want ! We no longer are taking and hiding you from each other so therefore you can get a lot of photo and video work done before the wedding even starts. Your stress levels are now relieved and you gain so much more in your wedding day experience. We can design your time line now to where you will be completely done with all bridal//groomsman party, full wedding party, husband//wife , and even sometimes full out family photos all before ceremony. This is a huge advantage because you just gained hours of free time. No longer are we shooting 1 hour each with just the groom and the guys, then hiding him and bringing the bride and girls out for photos. Now we can shoot all of this in one hour simultaneously . You guys can all be together and having fun not cooped up in a room. Plus your'e knocking out the work that would be done after ceremony at the same time. You potentially have the ability to wipe out all after ceremony photography and gain full cocktail hour access along with gaining one hour before ceremony that can be applied to the reception. By doing so we just completed shooting all of your husband wife photos and have gained more time. So now there is no need to stress about your guest waiting for their meals. They will be hanging out with you and you can start the party off right. Dj hit that beat, this married couple is in the house and are ready to get lit.

Closing Statement

We are a Wedding Photo and Video Company , and we are giving our professional and truly supportive opinions. Of course not all of our clients will want to do first looks and we are supportive either way. We love our clients and we respect them in all of their decisions. We feel that we would be doing an injustice by not informing you in all of the benefits of a first look. So take this information and apply it as needed if you decide to do a first look that is awesome, and if you decide against it that is completely understandable. Im Glad that I can sit here and say that I am fully confident in our team. We are seasoned and trained to adapt to preform in ether one of these scenarios.

Thank you for your Read Time -


Jake Myer Admyer Weddings Lead Photographer